Films showing in Germany


René Clair, 1924, France


Götz Spielmann, 2008, Austria


Athina Rachel Tsangari, 2010, Greece

The Tracey Fragments

Bruce McDonald, 2007, Canada

Dance Party, USA

Aaron Katz, 2006, United States

The Breach (La rupture)

Claude Chabrol, 1970, France

Red & Black (La rouge et la noire)

Isabelle Prim, 2011, France


Eric Eason, 2002, United States

9 Muses of Star Empire

Lee Harkjoon, 2012, South Korea

Three Sisters (San zimei | 三姊妹)

Wang Bing, 2012, France

Daughters (Töchter - Anonym)

Maria Speth, 2014, Germany

Les hautes solitudes

Philippe Garrel, 1974, France

Le révélateur

Philippe Garrel, 1968, France