Films showing in Puerto Rico

Death in the Garden (La mort en ce jardin)

Luis Buñuel, 1956, France

Les coquillettes

Sophie Letourneur, 2012, France

In and Out of Fashion

William Klein, 1998, France

Silvia Prieto

Martín Rejtman, 1999, Argentina

The Fire (El incendio)

Juan Schnitman, 2015, Argentina


Sebastián Hofmann, 2013, Mexico

India Song

Marguerite Duras, 1975, France

(Be)Longing (Volta à Terra)

João Pedro Plácido, 2014, Portugal

The Doll Squad

Ted V. Mikels, 1973, United States

The Disobedient (Neposlušni)

Mina Djukić, 2014, Serbia

Dream Work

Peter Tscherkassky, 2001, Austria


Mark Duplass Jay Duplass, 2008, United States