Films showing in Sweden

Three Sisters (San zimei | 三姊妹)

Wang Bing, 2012, France

The Factory (A Fábrica)

Aly Muritiba, 2011, Brazil


Marta Minorowicz, 2016, Germany


Pere Portabella, 1972, Spain

Free Radicals

Len Lye, 1958, United States


Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960, Italy

The Constant Factor (Constans)

Krzysztof Zanussi, 1980, Poland

The Fire (El incendio)

Juan Schnitman, 2015, Argentina

Buffalo Juggalos

Scott Cummings, 2014, United States


Nicolas Winding Refn, 1999, Denmark

Radio Mary

Gary Walkow, 2017, United States

Long Weekend

Colin Eggleston, 1978, Australia


Eric Baudelaire, 2010, France

The French

William Klein, 1982, France