Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution

99 mins
7.8 / 10 (6382)


Lemmy Caution is on a mission to eliminate Professor Von Braun, the creator of a malevolent computer that rules the city of Alphaville. Befriended by the scientist’s daughter Natasha, Lemmy must unravel the mysteries of the strictly logical Alpha 60 and teach Natasha the meaning of the word “love.”

MUBI's take

Leave it to Godard to re-invent sci-fi moviemaking with a New Wave budget, stealing images of modern Paris to throw us into a pop dystopian future. An ingenious mix of futurism, detective noir, and romance, with, of course, Anna Karina along with the indomitable Eddie Constantine as “Lemmy Caution”.

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