Bread and Tulips

Pane e tulipani

113 mins
8.2 / 10 (1124)


On vacation with her family, Rosalba gets left behind at a rest stop and, instead of rejoining her husband and two sons, decides to hitchhike home. Along the way, she gets sidetracked in Venice, taking up residence with an Icelandic maitre d’O and landing a job with a crotchety old florist.

MUBI's take

Acclaimed auteur Silvio Soldini directs one-of-a-kind duo Bruno Ganz & Licia Maglietta in this Venice-set fable about reignited love, family, and the unforeseen adventures that arise during a summer holiday. A box-office hit at home and abroad, this is a cheering, inventive directorial stand-out.

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Italy Italy
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