Ice Cream, I Scream

Dondurmam Gaymak

105 mins
7.2 / 10 (239)


Ali, who is an ice cream salesman in Muğla, tries to survive in the face of a fierce competition fighting the big ice cream brands. While trying to promote his ice cream, he tours the village with his brand new yellow ice cream motorbike. One day, his motorbike gets stolen.

MUBI's take

Amid the cerulean hues of the Aegean sea, Yüksel Aksu’s Ice Cream, I Scream churns whimsy and local verve into a comedic swirl. Orchestrating a vociferous vendor’s escapades into a captivating spectacle, Aksu brings the camaraderie of the rustic Turkish coastline vividly to life.

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Turkey Turkey
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