Li'l Quinquin - Part 2: At The Heart of Evil
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Li'l Quinquin - Part 2: At The Heart of Evil

P'tit Quinquin - Épisode 2: Au coeur du mal

53 mins
8 / 10 (220)


It is the start of the summer holidays for Quinquin, and it is also the start of a local killing spree after a woman is found chopped up and fed to a cow, who is found dead in an old bunker.

MUBI's take

By the time this episode ends, there won’t be a way back. Our beloved Antoine-Doinel-meets-Shaun-Field-hero will have stolen your heart with his tenderly defiant look, his cheeky questions, and his hilarious ugly grimaces. Meanwhile, cows keep being fed with parts of human bodies… More next week!

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