Seyyit Khan: Bride of the Earth
11 months
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Seyyit Khan: Bride of the Earth

Seyyit Han (Toprağın Gelini)

81 mins
8.2 / 10 (588)


Seyyit Han is a man with many foes. He falls in love with Mürşit’s sister, Keje. Mürşit is fine with them marrying, only on one condition: Seyyit Han has to get rid of his enemies to offer a decent life for Keje. One day he victoriously returns to his hometown: the day Keje is marrying another man.

MUBI's take

Despite many attempts at state-imposed censorship, Yılmaz Güney’s fifth feature was the first to bear his mark as a social realist auteur. A gripping western-esque tale of love and revenge, Seyyit Khan explores the oppressive tribal traditions and feudal marriage practices in Eastern Anatolia.

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