The Wild Goose Lake

Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui | 南方车站的聚会

111 mins
7.8 / 10 (5555)


In the Chinese city of Wuhan, a network of lakes provide ideal places to hide, and when transgressive mid-level crime boss Zhou needs to lay low, he looks for anonymity amidst the neon-lit hangouts. There he meets sex worker Liu, who works for Zhou’s boss and who may or may not be there to save him.

MUBI's take

A hyper-stylised neo-noir set in the subcutaneous underworld of modern China, this electric thriller from Diao Yinan twists the conventions of its genre. A staggeringly crafted examination of violence and modern decay captured in vivid neon hues, The Wild Goose Lake is striking, intoxicating cinema.