22 films released in 1970

Walk the Walk

Jac Zacha, 1970, United States


Barbara Loden, 1970, United States

Hope (Umut)

Yılmaz Güney, 1970, Turkey

Our Daily Bread (Uski Roti )

Mani Kaul, 1970, India

Earth Light (Le clair de terre)

Guy Gilles, 1970, France

Donkey Skin (Peau d'âne)

Jacques Demy, 1970, France

Claire's Knee (Le genou de Claire)

Éric Rohmer, 1970, France

The Grandmother

David Lynch, 1970, United States

The Breach (La rupture)

Claude Chabrol, 1970, France

Play Back

Pere Portabella, 1970, Spain


Roland Klick, 1970, West Germany

Tu imagines Robinson

Jean-Daniel Pollet, 1970, France

The Butcher (Le boucher)

Claude Chabrol, 1970, France