The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

星くず兄弟の伝説 Hoshikuzu kyôdai no densetsu

101 mins
7.4 / 10 (911)


A shady music mogul brings together two wannabe stars—punk rock rebel Kan and new-wave crooner Shingo—and transforms them into the Stardust Brothers, a girl-friendly, silver-jumpsuited, synth-pop sensation. Along with their #1 fan, who herself dreams of a music career, the duo rockets to stardom.

MUBI's take

If Hausu had a cousin who worked at MTV in 1985, they might look a little like this irresistible music industry satire. Charged with delivering a film to accompany a soundtrack by Haruo Chicada, Macoto Tezuka went to town on a musical extravaganza as heady with cult appeal as it is synth-pop beats.

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