Barking Dogs Never Bite

Flandersui Gae | 플란다스의 개

110 mins
7.6 / 10 (1666)


Perturbed by the incessant yapping of a neighbor’s dog, frazzled, out-of-work academic Yoon-ju resorts to drastic measures to quiet the canine, setting into motion a hilariously warped chain of events that turns a humble office worker into a crusading, puppy-saving avenger.

MUBI's take

The mordantly funny social satire of Parasite was there right from the start in this feature debut from South Korean genre maestro Bong Joon Ho. A raucously unsentimental feast of dark ironies, Barking Dogs Never Bite takes its canine allegory—and puppy punishment—to wickedly farcical ends.

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