Films showing in Iceland


Joana Preiss, 2011, France

Charlie's Country

Rolf de Heer, 2013, Australia

The Model Couple (Le couple témoin)

William Klein, 1977, France

Above and Below

Nicolas Steiner, 2015, Germany

Alexander the Last

Joe Swanberg, 2009, United States

No Home Movie

Chantal Akerman, 2015, Belgium


Tim Sutton, 2013, United States

Atlantics (Atlantiques)

Mati Diop, 2009, France

It Felt Like Love

Eliza Hittman, 2013, United States

All the Light in the Sky

Joe Swanberg, 2012, United States

Something, Anything

Paul Harrill, 2014, United States


Jacques Rivette, 1976, France