Films showing in Algeria

The Model Couple (Le couple témoin)

William Klein, 1977, France

Upstream Color

Shane Carruth, 2013, United States

John From

João Nicolau, 2015, Portugal

We Go Way Back

Lynn Shelton, 2006, United States

O Fantasma

João Pedro Rodrigues, 2000, Portugal

From What is Before (Mula sa Kung Ano ang Noon)

Lav Diaz, 2014, Philippines

The Minister (L'exercice de l'État)

Pierre Schoeller, 2011, France

The Makes

Eric Baudelaire, 2009, France

Factory (Fabrika)

Sergei Loznitsa, 2004, Russia


Joel Potrykus, 2012, United States

Forest of Bliss

Robert Gardner, 1986, United States