Tired of Being Handsome
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Tired of Being Handsome

Fatigués d'être beaux

31 mins
5.6 / 10 (67)


In the middle of the desert, in a hut, two cowboys, The Duke, about fifty, and Cécile, half his age, wait for the rest of the band. They kill time as they can. Suddenly, an explosion clicks. Cécile has just fired a bullet in the desert to see if they have a chance to find it.

MUBI's take

There’s a Beckettian tone of absurdist humor and surreally metaphysical ennui to this amusing short film, which tells of two cowboys searching for bullets in the desert. A comedy-western by artists Anne-Laure Daffis and Léo Marchand, Tired of Being Handsome stars the inimitable Denis Lavant.

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