Films showing in Switzerland


Evan Glodell, 2011, United States

The Other Side

Roberto Minervini, 2015, Italy

Amy George

Yonah Lewis Calvin Thomas, 2011, Canada

The French

William Klein, 1982, France

Free Radicals

Len Lye, 1958, United States

Goff in the Desert (Goff in der Wüste)

Heinz Emigholz, 2003, Germany


Walerian Borowczyk, 1968, France

The Sheik and I

Caveh Zahedi, 2012, United States

Les biches

Claude Chabrol, 1968, Italy


Jacques Rivette, 1981, France

Waves '98

Ely Dagher, 2015, Lebanon

Les coquillettes

Sophie Letourneur, 2012, France