Films showing in Argentina


Walerian Borowczyk, 1966, France

Sex and Broadcasting

Tim K. Smith, 2014, United States

Two Drifters (Odete)

João Pedro Rodrigues, 2005, Portugal

Au hasard Balthazar

Robert Bresson, 1966, France

India Song

Marguerite Duras, 1975, France


Pere Portabella, 1972, Spain


Joana Preiss, 2011, France

The Portuguese Nun (A Religiosa Portuguesa)

Eugène Green, 2009, Portugal

Artificial Paradises (Paraísos artificiales)

Yulene Olaizola, 2011, Mexico

Le vampire

Jean Painlevé, 1945, France

Something, Anything

Paul Harrill, 2014, United States

Sea Urchins (Les oursins)

Jean Painlevé, 1929, France