Films showing in Nicaragua

Dance Party, USA

Aaron Katz, 2006, United States

Mundane History (Jao nok krajok)

Anocha Suwichakornpong, 2009, Thailand

Warsaw Bridge (Pont de Varsòvia)

Pere Portabella, 1989, Spain

9 Muses of Star Empire

Lee Harkjoon, 2012, South Korea

South is Nothing (Il Sud è Niente)

Fabio Mollo, 2013, Italy

Joan the Woman

Cecil B. DeMille, 1916, United States


Benoît Forgeard, 2010, France


J.B. Herndon, 2009, United States

The Pretty Ones (Las Lindas)

Melisa Liebenthal, 2016, Argentina

Don't Expect Too Much

Susan Ray, 2011, United States

The Odds

Simon Davidson, 2011, Canada

Fake It So Real

Robert Greene, 2011, United States