Films showing in Ukraine

Le vampire

Jean Painlevé, 1945, France


Yann Gonzalez, 2007, France

Poverty and Other Delights (Joyeux calvaire)

Denys Arcand, 1996, Canada

Mr. Freedom

William Klein, 1968, France

La jetée

Chris Marker, 1962, France


Yulene Olaizola, 2012, Mexico


Martín Rejtman, 1992, Argentina

The Wife Master

Mich Medvedoff, 2012, United States

Trash Humpers

Harmony Korine, 2009, United States

Vampire Hookers

Cirio H. Santiago, 1978, Philippines


Wang Bing, 2016, Hong Kong

Hounds of Love

Ben Young, 2016, Australia