Films showing in Ukraine

Infernal Symphony (Scherzo infernal)

Walerian Borowczyk, 1984, France

Something, Anything

Paul Harrill, 2014, United States


Wang Bing, 2016, Hong Kong

Premios nacionales

Pere Portabella, 1969, Spain

OK, Good

Daniel Martinico, 2012, United States

Gambling, Gods and LSD

Peter Mettler, 2002, Canada

Los Hongos

Oscar Ruíz Navia, 2014, Colombia

The Pretty Ones (Las Lindas)

Melisa Liebenthal, 2016, Argentina

Granny's Dancing on the Table

Hanna Sköld, 2015, Sweden

The Makes

Eric Baudelaire, 2009, France

The Fortress (La forteresse)

Fernand Melgar, 2008, Switzerland