Films showing in Venezuela

Film Study (Filmstudie)

Hans Richter, 1926, Germany

Between Fences (Bein gderot)

Avi Mograbi, 2016, Israel

The Other Side

Roberto Minervini, 2015, Italy

La BM du Seigneur

Jean-Charles Hue, 2010, France

La playa D.C.

Juan Andrés Arango Garcia, 2012, Colombia

In and Out of Fashion

William Klein, 1998, France

The Doll Squad

Ted V. Mikels, 1973, United States

About Twelve (Juana a los 12)

Martín Shanly, 2014, Argentina

The Fatherless (Die Vaterlosen)

Marie Kreutzer, 2011, Austria

Fake It So Real

Robert Greene, 2011, United States