Films showing in Canada


Pere Portabella, 2008, Spain

Family Life (Zycie rodzinne)

Krzysztof Zanussi, 1971, Poland

Goff in the Desert (Goff in der Wüste)

Heinz Emigholz, 2003, Germany

The Immigrant

Charlie Chaplin, 1917, United States

Camille 2000

Radley Metzger, 1969, Italy


Yann Gonzalez, 2007, France

Gaby Baby Doll

Sophie Letourneur, 2014, France

Flowers of Taipei: Taiwan New Cinema

Chinlin Hsieh, 2014, Taiwan

2+2=22 [The Alphabet]

Heinz Emigholz, 2017, Germany

B for Boy

Chika Anadu, 2013, Nigeria