Films showing in Costa Rica

No Man's Land (Terra de Ninguém)

Salomé Lamas, 2012, Portugal

Aidez l'Espagne

Pere Portabella, 1969, Spain

Letter (Письмо)

Sergei Loznitsa, 2013, Russia


José Luis Rugeles, 2010, Colombia

Jess + Moss

Clay Jeter, 2011, United States

Vampire Hookers

Cirio H. Santiago, 1978, Philippines

The Jester (O Bobo)

José Álvaro Morais, 1987, Portugal

Fly (Mosca)

Bulmaro Osornio, 2011, Mexico

Les coquillettes

Sophie Letourneur, 2012, France

Crayons of Askalan

Laila Hotait Salas, 2012, Spain

Mission: Killfast (Mission Killfast)

Ted V. Mikels, 1991, United States

Trash Humpers

Harmony Korine, 2009, United States