Films showing in South Africa

Becloud (Vaho)

Alejandro Gerber Bicecci, 2009, Mexico


Olivia Silver, 2012, United States

We Can't Go Home Again

Nicholas Ray, 1973, United States

Buffalo Juggalos

Scott Cummings, 2014, United States

Above and Below

Nicolas Steiner, 2015, Germany

March of the Living

Jessica Sanders, 2010, United States

Dyn Amo

Stephen Dwoskin, 1972, United Kingdom

The Disobedient (Neposlušni)

Mina Djukić, 2014, Serbia

She's Lost Control

Anja Marquardt, 2014, United States

The End of Love

Mark Webber, 2012, United States

Jack Frost (Morozko)

Aleksandr Rou, 1964, Soviet Union

On Tour (Tournée)

Mathieu Amalric, 2010, France

Strike (Stachka)

Sergei Eisenstein, 1925, Soviet Union