Films showing in Dominican Republic

Special Flight (Vol spécial)

Fernand Melgar, 2011, Switzerland

The Supplement (Suplement)

Krzysztof Zanussi, 2002, Poland

Crayons of Askalan

Laila Hotait Salas, 2012, Spain


René Clair, 1924, France

About Twelve (Juana a los 12)

Martín Shanly, 2014, Argentina

Further Beyond

Christine Molloy Joe Lawlor, 2016, Ireland

White Ant (Bai yi)

Chu Hsien-Che, 2016, Taiwan


Alberto Seixas Santos, 1999, Portugal

The Deep End (Le Grand Bassin)

Fabianny Deschamps, 2006, France

Cut (Corta)

Felipe Guerrero, 2012, Colombia

The Pleasure of Being Robbed

Joshua Safdie, 2008, United States


Peter Rose, 1972, United States