Films showing in Uganda


René Clair, 1924, France

Sheep (Mouton)

Gilles Deroo Marianne Pistone, 2013, France

United Trash

Christoph Schlingensief, 1996, Germany

La BM du Seigneur

Jean-Charles Hue, 2010, France

We Can't Go Home Again

Nicholas Ray, 1973, United States

The Equation (L'équation )

Mathieu Hippeau, 2012, France

The Silence Before Bach (Die Stille vor Bach)

Pere Portabella, 2007, Spain

Violence (Violencia)

Jorge Forero, 2015, Colombia


Valérie Massadian, 2011, France

Dance Party, USA

Aaron Katz, 2006, United States

The Great Wall

Tadhg O'Sullivan, 2015, Ireland