Films showing in Jamaica

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Christoph Schlingensief, 1986, West Germany

Out 1, Noli Me Tangere - Episodes 5 & 6

Jacques Rivette, 1971, France

On Tour (Tournée)

Mathieu Amalric, 2010, France

Wajma, an Afghan Love Story (Wajma)

Barmak Akram, 2013, Afghanistan


Valérie Massadian, 2013, France

In and Out of Fashion

William Klein, 1998, France

The Deep End (Le Grand Bassin)

Fabianny Deschamps, 2006, France

The Supplement (Suplement)

Krzysztof Zanussi, 2002, Poland


Eric Baudelaire, 2010, France

Zero Bridge

Tariq Tapa, 2008, India