Films showing in Libya

Letter from Siberia (Lettre de Sibérie)

Chris Marker, 1958, France


Sebastián Hofmann, 2013, Mexico

No Man's Land (Terra de Ninguém)

Salomé Lamas, 2012, Portugal


Valérie Massadian, 2013, France

White Ant (Bai yi)

Chu Hsien-Che, 2016, Taiwan

The Towrope (La sirga)

William Vega, 2012, Colombia

9 Muses of Star Empire

Lee Harkjoon, 2012, South Korea


Olivia Silver, 2012, United States

The Nightmare

Andrew Gray Adam Gray, 2008, Canada

Murder in Pacot (Meurtre à Pacot)

Raoul Peck, 2014, Haiti

Out 1, Noli Me Tangere - Episodes 5 & 6

Jacques Rivette, 1971, France

Flowers of Taipei: Taiwan New Cinema

Chinlin Hsieh, 2014, Taiwan