Films showing in Indonesia

Dancing with María (Danzar con María)

Ivan Gergolet, 2014, Italy


Jacques Rivette, 1976, France

Golden Dreams (Sogni d'oro)

Nanni Moretti, 1981, Italy

Father (Aitá)

José María de Orbe, 2010, Spain

Long Weekend

Colin Eggleston, 1978, Australia


Roland Klick, 1974, West Germany

Mister John

Joe Lawlor Christine Molloy, 2013, United Kingdom

Waves '98

Ely Dagher, 2015, Lebanon


Juan Cabral, 2019, United Kingdom

Something, Anything

Paul Harrill, 2014, United States

The Fortress (La forteresse)

Fernand Melgar, 2008, Switzerland