Films showing in Oman

Winter House (Invernadero)

Gonzalo Castro, 2010, Argentina

Something, Anything

Paul Harrill, 2014, United States

O Fantasma

João Pedro Rodrigues, 2000, Portugal

'Til Madness Do Us Part (Feng ai)

Wang Bing, 2013, Hong Kong

The Invisible Life (A vida invisível)

Vítor Gonçalves, 2013, Portugal

Passing Summer (Mein langsames Leben)

Angela Schanelec, 2001, Germany

2+2=22 [The Alphabet]

Heinz Emigholz, 2017, Germany

The Doll Squad

Ted V. Mikels, 1973, United States

Letter from Siberia (Lettre de Sibérie)

Chris Marker, 1958, France

The Other Side

Roberto Minervini, 2015, Italy

Jess + Moss

Clay Jeter, 2011, United States

The Disobedient (Neposlušni)

Mina Djukić, 2014, Serbia